Bubble Paddle Stirrers For Reservoirs


V&P Scientifics' unique Bubble Paddle stirrers (US Patent #6,461,034) allow you to mix and suspend  cells, resins, slurries, beads, magnetic beads and particles and  even glass beads.  Our reservoirs that are specifically designed to allow pipetting while the Bubble Paddle is spinning at speeds in excess of 3,000 RPM.  This assures that even very dense particulates like glass beads are kept  homogeneously dispersed during pipetting.  Thus the first aliquot and the last aliquot pipetted contain the same number of beads/particulates. We have also incorporated a "ducted" design into the bottom of the reservoir that enhances fluid movement by channeling it through a series of ducts in the bottom of the reservoir.  We also incorporate pipet tip depressions between individual bubble features on the paddle so that even the dregs of an expensive reagent can be dispensed with minimal dead volume loss.  We make the Bubble Paddle Reservoirs to be compatible with 4 channel pipettors, 8 channel pipettors, 96 channel pipettors, and even 384 channel pipettors.


Our Bubble Paddle Stirring systems can be powered by:


    1. A V&P Magnetic Alligator Tumble Stirrer

    2. A V&P Magnetic Clutch/DC motor

    3. A V&P Direct Drive Sealed Bearing Reservoir/DC motor


The V&P Direct Drive Sealed Bearing system is unique in that it does not use magnetism to stir the reservoir, thus it can be used to keep magnetic beads in suspension.


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