Magnetic Microplate Stirring Systems


24, 48, 96, 96 Deep Well & 384 Well Microplates



  • Microplate Tumble Stirring Systems
    To stir cultures in the wells of microplates, stir viscous solutions, stir combinatorial chemical reactions, re-suspend chemical libraries or cultures after storage, keep particulates in suspension while pipetting or to determine solubility of new leads, break up filamentous organisms, facilitate dissolving compounds, facilitate micro-fermentations and heat and stir at the same time.

  • Bubble Paddle Stirring Reservoirs
    To keep bead, cells and particulates in suspension while pipetting

  • Deep Well Microplate Levitation Stirring and Aeration Stirring Systems
    To stir cultures, re-suspend particulates, mix 2 or more solutions in deep well 96 and 384 microplates


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