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  Pin Tool Docking Station


VP 550A


Some robot systems (MWG, Qiagen, PerkinElmer, Caliper (Zymark) Sciclone and some custom systems) have the ability to pick up the pin tool from a docking station much like a tool changer on a CNC.  If your robot system has this "hot swappable" capability, you will want to use the VP 550A Docking Station. This Docking Station has an indent feature that captures the bottom float plate of all our tube style Pin Tools with 30 mm or less exposed length pins.  This indent feature holds the Pin Tool securely while the robot picks it up or parks it. The bottom surface of the Docking Station has the same dimensions of a microplate and will fit into tiles or nests built for the SBS standard microplate. This facilitates placing the Docking Station on the robot deck.


If you have already purchased the VP 550 we will maintain stock on these so you won't have to re-program your robot.


VP 550A-TeMO


The VP 550A-TeMO attaches to the Tecan TeMO deck via ball detents and mates to the VP 550 or VP 550A with 2 pins that fit into the 2 locating holes on the bottom of the VP 550 or VP 550A.   This feature allows using a lower position on the TeMO deck so that pin tools with greater Z heights can be accommodated.


The photo to the right illustrates a pin tool with a TeMO mount docked in the
VP 550A-TeMO docking station.


PerkinElmer Biosciences makes and sells a special docking station for the PerkinElmer/V&P Scientific pin tools.

Even if your robot does not have tool changing ability you will want a safe place to store it.  The Docking Station is the place.


Pin Tool docking station, constructed of polypropylene,  Bottom foot print = SBS standard....VP 550

Mounting plates for robot systems


  Safe Shipping Systems


We have developed 2 basic safe shipping systems for our floating pin tools. VP 550A-S-S locks a standard pin tool into standard (VP 550A) docking station. The VP 550A-PE-S locks either a PerkinElmer, a Hamamatsu or an Agilent pin tool into their respective docking stations (VP 550A-PE or a VP 550A-HA) docking station, thus protecting the pins from being damaged during shipment.


With each safe shipping system we use 2 polypropylene rails held together by aluminum rods (VP 550A-S-S or VP 550A-PE-S) to lock the pin tool into the docking station. This simple system holds the pin tool securely in place and prevents damage to the pins during shipping.


VP 550A-S-S

  The VP 550A-S-S safe shipping system was designed to work with our standard floating frame pin tools and the VP 550A docking station.  




VP 550A-PE-S

  The VP 550A-PE-S safe shipping system was designed to work with our PerkinElmer, Hamamatsu and Agilent floating frame pin tools. Because the PerkinElmer floating frames and the Hamamatsu/Agilent frames are slightly different in size they require different docking stations (VP 550A-PE and VP 550A-HA) but both can use the same safe shipping system (VP 550A-PE-S).  

Docking station for the PerkinElmer Style Pin Tools.



Docking Station for the Hamamatsu and Agilent Pin Tools.

VP 550E


The VP 550E Docking Station was designed specifically for Pin Tools to be picked up and dropped off by the Tecan MCA384 Head on a Freedom EVO robotic instrument.


The VP 550E is positioned on the Tecan Freedom EVO robotic deck using the locater pins on the underside of the Docking Station as shown in the photo on the right.


The Pin Tool is mounted on a V&P basic mounting plate BMPTECAN384-10, -11, or -12 or the corresponding basic mounting plate with rotational adjustment feature, BMPTECAN384R-10, -11, or -12 (red plate in photo to right). The BMPTECAN384 attached to the Pin Tool is then set on the VP 550E Docking Station and from there can be picked up or dropped off on the fly as needed.


The photo to the right shows the Tecan MCA384 Head after picking up the BMPTECAN384-10 plus attached Pin Tool from the VP 550E Docking Station.


  Adaptors For Carl Creative System Pipet Tip Loaders And Fountain


VP 540M


If you are using a MultiMek, MultiPette, PlateTrak, MiniTrak , EP3, Flipper or other system designed by Carl Creative Systems with a pipet tip loader or fountain pipet tip washing reservoir, you can use our universal adaptor to exchange those precious deck positions for any object with a standard microplate footprint.  The VP 540M Adaptor has two holes in the bottom that register to the two pins that locate both the tip loading station and the tip washing reservoir.  The 6 pins you see on the top here are used to locate a microplate.  However static wash and blot stations can also be placed here.   If you are using a pin tool, you don't need the tip loader.  Just another good idea from V&P to give you more work area.  You can see how they are used in the movie of a Sagian MultiPette robot at this link.  A custom modified version of the adaptor can also be used to locate our Bubble Paddle Reservoirs on the tip loading position.



  Beckman FX ALP Platforms




If you are using a Beckman FX and want a different height or different feature on the mounting platform.  Don't call Beckman, call us we have been solving problems for FX users when Beckman can't or won't.

Follow this link for examples applications we have done for the FX ALP systems.


VP 530C


The reservoir on the right was built for an FX user that wanted a large reservoir that would hold 700 ml and still fit on the FX deck with out affecting other positions.  The VP 530C was our solution.

We have made many reagent reservoirs with control wells in a variety of configurations.  Check them out on this page.


  Pin Tool Storage Stations


VP 555


The VP 555 Pin Tool Storage Station is used to protect the pins when not in use on the robot.

Typically our Pin Tool customers would set our Pin Tools down on a pipet tip lid box or turn the pins upside down exposing the pins to dust and debris.  We do not recommend either of these options.  We have built a safe Storage Station (VP 555) that will both protect the pins from accidents and contamination. 


All of the V&P Scientific Pin Tools except the Perkin Elmer models can be safely stored in these stations.  These Storage Stations have 2 indexing grooves that capture the bottom float plate on the Pin Tool.  The Pin Tool is simply slid into position and is locked in place by dropping into a depression in the groove.  To remove the Pin Tool simply lift up the tool and slide out.  With some robot systems it may be possible to use the V&P Storage Station as a Docking Station.


  Pin Tool Robot Dryer


VP 904

The Pin Tool Dryer can be located in any deck position using the SBS locating feature (VP 581B) on the bottom of the Dryer.
The arrow in the photo to the right demonstrates the activation switch.  When the bottom float plate of the Pin Tool depresses the switch, the fan is turned on and dries the pins.  When the Pin Tool is removed the fan is turned off.

The VP 581B SBS locating feature on the bottom of the Pin Tool Dryer is illustrated in the photo to the right.

  Robotic Platform Switch


VP 700-QS


The VP 700-QS or Quick Switch is simple way to turn an electrical appliance on and off using the action of a robotic work station.   It consists of switch with a long flexible actuator that activates a relay when depressed and inactivates the relay when the actuator is released.   The Quick Switch is located on an adjustable riser that can pivot 360 degrees.  The base of the riser can be attached to a surface by double stick tape or it can be attached by screws.   The "z" height adjust coupled with the adjustable "x" adjustment and ability to pivot facilitates the placement of the Quick Switch so the vertical movement of the robot will activate and deactivate the electrical current to the appliance.


The photo on the right illustrates the Quick Switch being used to activate an orbital shaker to facilitate the mixing of sample and the transfer of sample from a source plate to a destination plate.


The photo on the rights illustrates the Quick Switch being used to activate an orbital shaker to facilitate the cleaning of pin tool being used to transfer yeast colonies from an agar plate to a microplate.


The movie below illustrates the Quick Switch being used to activate an orbital shaker to facilitate the mixing of sample and the transfer of sample from a source plate to a destination plate.

Download Video of VP 700-QS in Acfion
(mpeg movie- 8MB)


Press the play button to view the video in a flash format, flash must be installed, or click the download link to download a mpeg version.


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