PEEK Properties


Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)


Polyether ether ketone, also simply known as PEEK, is an organic polymer thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained through higher temperature applications.  Because of these inherent properties, PEEK is an ideal material for use as a magnetic stir bar in high mechanical stress induced applications for its abrasion resistance or when chemical attacks are a concern.

  • Excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures

  • Excellent high temperature performance for all mechanical properties

  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance at high temperatures

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance at high temperatures

  • Excellent gamma radiation resistance


The thermal oxidative stability of PEEK is excellent and the material has an UL-rated continuous operating temperature of around 250oC (depending on the grade used).  PEEK has excellent resistance to burning and very low flame spread being rated as UL 94 V-0 for thicknesses down to 2 mm. The LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) is 35% (depending on grade) and even when burning the material has one of the lowest smoke generation characteristics of the engineering thermoplastics.

Chemical Resistance

PEEK has outstanding chemical resistance and is extremely resistant to most organic and inorganic chemicals. It is dissolved or decomposed only by concentrated anhydrous or strong oxidizing agents.  The material has exceptionally good resistance to hydrolysis in hot water and remains unaffected after several thousand hours at more than 250oC in pressurized water.  PEEK is not greatly resistant to UV radiation but has good resistance to beta and X-rays, as well as exceptional resistance to gamma rays (more than 1000 Mrad without significant loss in mechanical properties). These properties allow for ease of sterilization, and coupled with good biocompatibility (USP Class VI), PEEK makes a strong candidate for medical applications.

Click here for a comprehensive chemical resistance chart.

Physical and Mechanical

PEEK has greater strength and rigidity than many of the other engineering thermoplastics, making it tough over a wide range of temperatures.

It has good mechanical properties, including impact resistance, low wear rate, and a low coefficient of friction, but more importantly, these properties are also retained over a wide temperature range.


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