Orbital Shakers


VP 324

Variomag orbital shaker for 96 & 384 microplates. 
The device shakes from 100 to 2,000 rpm, with amplitude of 2 mm, will accommodate 96-well and 384-well microplates. The device is also equipped with an automatic startup routine, which avoids spillage of samples.

Power Requirements

120 volts, 50~60 Hz


146 mm x 103 mm x 40 mm


VP 326

Variomag orbital shaker for 1536 microplates.  The device has powerful shaking up to 8,500 rpm.  Self-positioning function, therefore the shaker will always return to the same starting position after turning off, designed for unsupervised permanent operation.


Power Requirements
120 volts, 50~60 Hz


VP 326 on VP 903B Pin Tool Robot


VP 325A, VP 325B, VP 325C


Microplate Orbital Shaker for 96, 384 or 1536 Microplates.
Two-speed potentiometer settings.
Simple Switch or Relay Activation.
Speeds from 60 to 3570 RPM.


0.5, 1 or 2 mm orbital shaking motion:

VP 325A: 2 mm for 96 well plates

VP 325B: 1 mm for 384 well plates

vp 325C: 0.5 mm for 1536 well plates


Base has SBS microplate dimensions so placement into microplate positions on robotic workstations is simple. Rubber feet on bottom allow for bench-top use.

Clips hold down microplates in SBS dimensioned top.





The VP 177-STIR is a stirring system for 96 standard or deep well or 384 standard microplates that uses our disposable pin tools in conjunction with orbital shakers and a jig for registering the orbital shaker, microplate and disposable pin tool. 


This system has several advantages: 


First, it is low cost both to purchase and then to operate. 


Second, it can stir the contents of a well without touching the bottom of the well. 


Third, it can accommodate most manufactures 96 and 384 microplates.


Fourth, it can be done sterilely.


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