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Versatile, Economical, & Compact Magnetic Stirrer

  • Keep cells, beads, or other particulates in suspension while pipetting
  • Stir viscous liquids or make emulsions
  • Stir multiple containers simultaneously
  • Thoroughly stir solutions with powerful vortex
  • Use as Tumble Stirrer for Bubble Paddle stirring
  • Use as Lateral Vortex Stirrer to stir multiple bottles, tubes, or vials
  • Use as a powerful conventional Stir Plate
  • Fits easily on robotic workstations and available in CE compliant format

Hand-Held Magnetic Bead Separation Blocks

  • Unique Flick & Blot™ design for rapid and economical manual bead washing
  • Allows removal of all liquid from the wells in under 10 seconds without the need for an expensive robotic liquid handler or plate washer
  • Use of strongest available NdFeB magnets for fastest separation times and minimal bead loss
  • Large variety of designs to accommodate all plate types (96, 384, 1536, PCR, deep well, etc.)
  • Clip mechanism for rapid placement and removal of microplates that also ensure plates are securely locked into place

Magnetic Bead Separation Block for 96 Well Plates

  • Pulls magnetic beads down in less than 30 seconds
  • For 96 well microplates or 96 deep well plates
  • 13 bar 50 MGO NdFeB magnets
  • White polycarbonate magnet frame
  • Includes Registration Base VP 771G-4RM-1
  • SBS footprint

Magnetic Bead Extraction Device

  • Extracts magnetic beads from 96 well plate in under 10 seconds
  • 96 NdFeB Magnetic Pins in a polypropylene base with a stripper plate
  • 22 mm long magnetic pins for bead extraction
  • Includes Loading Device

Magnetic Bead Separation Block for 96 Deep Well Plates

  • Utilizes 24 of the strongest available square post NdFeB magnets (52 MGO)
  • For 96 deep well microplates
  • Magnets are oriented through the thickness (side to side) resulting in an even pellet surface along the magnet during separation

Encapsulated PVDF Magnetic Stir Bars

  • These powerful stir bars will mix solutions as viscous as honey when combined with our Mini-Stirrus model stir plate
  • Sole market source for Neodymium encapsulated magnets (strongest type) in PTFE

Encapsulated PEEK Magnetic Stir Bars

  • Use PEEK if the application involves high mechanical stress due to abrasive particles in solution
  • Sole market source for Neodymium encapsulated magnets (strongest type) in PEEK

Aluminum Insert for Heating & Mixing

  • Aluminum 8 Position Insert for heating and mixing on tumble stirrer
  • Raised step edge to accommodate included lid with holes to allow adding or extracting samples
  • Holds 8 tubes or vials 27.2mm in diameter
  • Special design to minimize eddy currents
  • SBS footprint

Economy Bubble Paddles

  • Keeps your beads, cells, or slurries in suspension while pipetting
  • Mix up to 8 different samples simultaneously
  • Economy bubble paddle in each channel of 8 channel disposable reservoir

Economy Bubble Paddle Frame

  • Keeps your beads, cells, or slurries in suspension while pipetting
  • Economy bubble paddle frame that drops easily into SBS dimension disposable reservoirs

Round Reservoirs

  • Keeps your beads, cells, or slurries in uniform suspension so that equal numbers can be consistently transferred by pipetting
  • Round reservoir design eliminates “dead zones” found in traditional rectangular reservoirs
  • Large enough to accommodate 96 and 384 pipette heads

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