Multi-Spense For 96 Deep Well Plates


VP 195J

  • Luer-Lok connectors for quick set up.
  • Simple manual advance/indent system.
  • Rapid, fills plate in less than 20 seconds.
  • Accommodates sterile media or chemicals.
  • Acrylic hood protects plates from airborne contamination.
  • Autoclaveable polycarbonate dispensing wands.
  • Autoclaveable variable volume bottle top dispenser (0.41 to 2.46 ml/well).
  • Bottle top adapters allow dispenser to be used with most large bottles.

V&P's new MULTI-SPENSE will fill your 96 Deep Well microplates (VP 195J) with sterile media or other solutions.  Our double wand delivery system coupled with our indent fill stations makes plate filling very easy.  If you have been filling your plates with a 12 channel pipetter you will really appreciate the speed and simplicity of the MULTI-SPENSE.  Even labs with robotic work stations use the MULTI-SPENSE because it is easier to set up and 10 times faster than the robot and it is a ready replacement when the robot breaks down.  Robot labs also feel it is more efficient for their robot to do assays than to fill plates.  At only a fraction of the cost of a robot, even the smallest labs can afford a MULTI-SPENSE.


VP 195K 10 to 59 ml Bottle Top Dispenser, contains plunger cap, selector assembly, sleeve, glass barrel, body, intake valve, guide bar, intake valve ball, feed tube, outlet valve assembly, delivery jet connector, stop screw, delivery jet, tip cap, vernier ring, nut, T-union, ring, clik stop assembly, guide ring fixing screw, guide bar fixing plate, guide bar fixing screw, vernier finger, guide ring, calibration fixing screw, calibration screw , distance ring,  bottle top adapters (37, 39 and 45 mm).


VP 195J 

One, Base and Hood   VP 195
Two, 12 Channel Wands   VP 185L
Two, Towers for Deep Well Microplates   VP 195-2
One, Bottle Top Dispenser that delivers 10 to 59 ml/ dispense cycle (0.41 ml to 2.46 ml well)    VP 195K
One, Hose System to connect the dispenser to the wands   VP 195C1



  Technical Documents:
    Deep Well 96 Micro Plate Filler Manual


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