The Advanced Multi-Blot Replication System


  The Ultimate in Efficiency for All Replication, Blotting and Screening Procedures


Transfer 0.1ul to 2ul of Specimen in 48, 96 OR 384 Pin Formats:

  • DNA
  • Antibodies
  • Ligands
  • RNA
  • Antigens
  • PCR Product
  • Antibiotics
  • Drugs
  • Receptors

V&P Scientific believes that our unique MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator System will revolutionize the way you do research.  If your research involves screening, replicating or assaying numerous specimens or substances our replication system will reduce your labor, increase your throughput and save you money.

The unique feature of the MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators are the presence of two guide pins that are used to index the Replicators to registration accessories (patent pending).  These guide pins fit into alignment holes in the LIBRARY COPIER™ to align the Replicator pins to fit into the center of microplate wells.  The guide pins also fit into alignment holes in the COLONY COPIER™to align the Replicator pins to agar surfaces or membranes in Nunc Omni Trays.  The arrangement of 3 by 3 and 2 by 2 alignment holes facilitates the construction of high density arrays (3 by 3 array for 96 pin Replicators = 9 x 96 = 864 individual blots and 2 by 2 array for 384 pin Replicators = 4 x 384 =1536 individual blots). 


The guide pins also fit into 3 by 3 and 2 by 2 alignment holes in the            MULTI-PRINT™ to align the Replicator pins to large membranes.  The arrangement of alignment holes facilitates the construction of high density arrays on grids on large membranes.

V&P Scientific has also taken advantage of the tiny droplets that form on our solid tapered Replicator pins.  Because these droplets are uniform in volume our MULTI-BLOT™ hand held Replicators are ideal for transferring microliter and submicroliter quantities of liquid from 48, 96 or 384 well microplates.  This method greatly simplifies making one or a hundred copies and it is very rapid. The Replicator pins are made from durable stainless steel and are quickly sterilized by alcohol/flame or bleach procedure for rapid turn around between master plates.


  Transfer Cultures, Genomic DNA or cDNA Libraries:

  • Cosmids
  • Mutants
  • Plasmids
  • Recombinant Clones
  • YACs

The MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators are also used with both the Vicki Registration System and the Fu-Meei Registration System.

The MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator guide pin format is also used on our Floating Pin Replicators to transfer liquids to uneven surfaces and on Slot Pin Replicators and Grooved Pin Replicators to transfer larger volumes of liquid.

The ability to easily create high density colony arrays on agar, or dot blots on membranes simplifies large screening or replicating projects and results in significant savings in assay reagents, disposable plasticware, membranes and pipette tips.  Previously only laboratories with a $50,000 robotics work station could take advantage of the high throughput of high density arrays.  Now, thanks to the Advanced MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator System, these benefits are available to all laboratories from the very small academic labs to the very large.


Even labs with robotic work stations use our hand held system because it is so affordable and faster to use for pilot projects and assay development.  Now every technician has the power of a workstation in the palm of their hand.

If you are transferring DNA, cDNA or other materials in hydrophobic solutions you will find that using our new V&P Pin Cleaning Solution will  greatly increase the precision of delivery.  For an explanation see the FAQ page and the V&P Pin Cleaning Solution page.


  Replicator Starter Kit


For your convenience, V&P Scientific has combined the essential components of our MULTI-BLOT™ Replication System into a Starter Kit.  Most of the equipment required to perform the basic replication applications are present at a discounted price.  Included in the Starter Kit are the following:


VP 0K7

One, 96 Pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator   VP 409
One, 384 Pin MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator   VP 386
Sixty, Sterile Omni Trays With Lids   VP 413
Thirty, Sterile Nunc 384 Micro Well Plates   VP 414
One, Pyrex Alcohol Reservoir With Lid   VP 420
Five, Plastic Bleach Or Water Reservoirs   VP 421
One, Pin Cleaning Brush     VP 425
One, Reading Mat Set For High Density Arrays   VP 430

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