Satisfied Tumble Stirring Customer

The following is the body of an e-mail sent to us by a very satisfied Tumble Stirring customer:

"Patty and Patrick-

There is a long, official process (read: involves Legal department) for allowing endorsements of products with _______'s and/or my name. However, I would be happy to share my personal feedback to you.  If you would like to refer this to anyone as unofficial information (ie, "It came from someone in Process R&D in major Pharma."), that would be great. At the least, you'll see exactly why I love these stirrers.
Feedback for the Tumble Stirrers is this: enabling technology. I am now enabled to create reaction blocks and customize them to robotic systems with great ease.  Why? The narrow deck height of the Tumble stirrers (even my larger strength units) combined with flexibility of alignment for the stirrers to the reaction vessels means I can use them almost anywhere.

The fact that I can use the same stirrer deck with any type/size of reactor simply by changing a mounting plate atop the stirrer deck gives me the kind of flexibility I require for parallel synthetic development of processes. That flexibility enables access to a wider range of projects (smaller scale) and a wider range of reaction conditions. I get more reactions per gram of starting material for evaluation of more diverse conditions, and I generate results faster because I run more of the experiments in parallel using the same amount of starting material. In one word, Tumble Stirring is enabling.

Oh, and the quality of agitation is fantastic for liquid-liquid mixes, slurries, or even oil suspensions.

Thanks again for this terrific product.


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