A Cost-Effective Way to Pipet 384 Samples Simultaneously
John Herich Manager-HTS Maxim Pharmaceutical
Presented at the San Diego Chapter of the LRIG

384 Pin Tool Alternative to Disposable Tips
  • No plastic tips - Saves money and environment
  • Accurate - Plates do not have to be perfect, no tip bending
  • Precise - Different pin sizes and styles
  • Free floating - Very good reproducibility
  • Fast - 384 Samples simultaneously

  • Pin tools are fast (twice as fast)
  • No fasle positives or negatives
  • Method development is quick
  • Pin tools useful for many applications - Cell based assays, dose response assays
  • Pin tools are feasible on many platforms - CyBio, Multimek, CCS PlateTrak, Rapidplate

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