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Since its founding in 1979 by Dr. Patrick Cleveland and his wife Victoria, V&P's goal has been to provide the best engineered and most innovative research equipment available. We specialize in machining to make tools for developing technologies. Since we invented the first 96 well Filter Manifold (US Patent # 4,427,415) and the Mini-fold Dot-Blot Hybridization Manifold over 33 years ago we have been providing solutions for scientific research, including OEM and private manufacturing to fit every need. An article on the history of microplates, found here , lists some of Dr. Cleveland's contributions to the advancement of the technology.

We are also the leader in MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators, Pin Tools for High Throughput Screening and Ultra High Throughput Screening, the Alligator Microplate Tumble Stirring Systems (US  Patent #6,176,609) and the Magnetic Levitation Stirrer for deep well microplates (US patent #6,357,907 and EU patent #1,064,988), the Vortex Stirrer (US patent #7,484,880 B2, EU patent #1,736,235 and German patent #602,006,026,122.5) the Bubble Paddle stirring systems for reservoirs (US patent # 6,461,034 and EU patent #1,314,471 B1) the Manual Glass Slide Arrayer for making DNA, RNA and protein arrays on glass slides (US patent #6,613,284, EU patent #1,363,737 and Republic of China patent #NI-164,388)   The Manual Compact Disc Arrayer for making DNA, RNA and protein arrays on compact Discs (US patent 6,692,701) were also invented by Dr. Cleveland. 

Prior to devoting his full attention to V&P Scientific, Dr. Cleveland was a Professor at the University of California, San Diego teaching and doing research on developing Rapid Viral and Microbial Diagnostic Tests. Dr. Cleveland was also an NIH National Eye Institute Council Member from 1985 to 1993.

From humble beginnings in a corner of his garage Dr. Cleveland guided the expansion of V&P to a 8,000 square foot facility which sells more than 2,071 different products. Dr. Cleveland and Victoria have indeed lived the American Dream.


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