Registration Plates (96, 384, 1536)

V&P Scientifics' new Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) Registration Plates, VP 903R-96, VP 903R-384 and VP 903R-1,536 conform to the SBS specifications on plate dimensions (127.76 mm by 85.47 mm) and location of the corner wells.  We have placed a 1 mm diameter white spot in all 4 corner well positions to facilitate the alignment of Pin Tools, pipet tips, aspiration and dispensed manifolds in robots and jigs.  This spot is small enough and yet easy to distinguish for precise alignment.  But best of all, these registration plates are only a fraction of what the large robotics companies will charge you.

The photo to the right illustrates a VP 903R-96 registration plate on the V&P 903B Pin Tool Robot.  The arrows indicate the 4 corner registration marks.

With the advent of 384 and 1,536 well microplates, the demand for accurate placement of Pin Tools, pipet tips, aspiration and dispense manifolds has increased.  Just using a microplate as the registration target is not precise enough.  We have also encountered a number of the older robotic systems such as the Carl Creative Systems, Beckman MultiMek, Sagian MultiPette, Plate Trak,  Mini Trak, Molecular Devices FLIPPER and even the Tecan TeMO that were not rotationally true when converted to 1536 Pin Tool applications.  These systems needed rotationally adjustable mounting plates.  Furthermore these registration target plates are indispensable for making these rotational adjustments.


VP 903R-1,536

The photos to the right show using a VP 903R-1,536 to register a 1536 pin tool.




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